A Synergetic Talent Training Mode for Cultural Heritage Digitalization—A Case of GIS



Currently, the speeding economic development of China triggers a new era mission for applied talents to satisfy the need of converting the economic growth and promoting the industrial structure improvement. Consequently, it is of great significances to establish a novel GIS applied talent training mode of GIS under the support from transforming strategy for the local colleges/universities of China. Hence, this research firstly reports the important experiences from GIS specialty of Hengyang Normal University who are striving to explore the applied talent cultivating ways. Then, this work discourses the main features of GIS applied talents through detailing how the GIS specialties of local universities/colleges meet the national need on cultural heritage digitalization. Noted that, the case of this paper tries to establish a synergetic framework within its host to cultivate the creative talents. First and foremost, the resources and supports from the excellence disciplines, platforms, as well as related specialties play significant role in setting up the framework. Through this paper, the synergetic framework for cultivating applied GIS talents must be popular to the local universities/colleges to improve the similar specialties under combining the discipline establishment and national strategic needs.


local university transformation; applied talents training; GIS specialty; cultural heritage digitalization; synergetic and creative training mode


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