A Study on the Factors Influencing the Learning Interest of College Students in the New Era—Based on the Investigation of a University in Chengdu

Guihua LIU, Wenbin ZHAO


The level of interest in learning directly affects students' academic achievement. Based on a questionnaire survey of 300 college students in Chengdu, it was found that the main factors affecting the learning interest of college students in the new era mainly included the following five types: lacking of clarity in learning targets, the knowledge learned is not practical, the curriculum is lack of interesting, lacking of self-control over electronic products, and the encouragement and support of the relatives is insufficient. Finally, the author put forward several ways to enhance students' interest in learning from several aspects, including career planning, curriculum reform, home, school and students' cooperation to enhance students' self-control and continuous encouragement and support from their relatives.


College students in the New era; Learning interest; Influencing factors; Chengdu


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