Job Requirements Analysis and Teaching Reform Research of Marine Mechanical Engineering and Technology Specialty under Made in China 2025

Fu JIA, Jianxiu LIAN


Under the background of Made in China 2025, China’s higher vocational education is currently facing new development opportunities. At the same time, based on the demand for high-end technical talents from ship building and repairing enterprises, the ship mechanical engineering and technology specialty should strengthen construction in the aspects of specialty setting, school-enterprise cooperation, and improvement of education system, with emphasis on cultivating high-quality technical and skilled talents. The teaching reform of marine mechanical engineering and technology specialty should meet the job requirements of enterprises. In order to meet the new needs of corresponding positions, it is imperative to update teaching contents, reform teaching methods and optimize teaching process design. This paper analyzes the new demand for talents and skills based on the professional posts of ship mechanical engineering and technology in “Made in China 2025”, and studies and analyzes the curriculum and teaching reform of this major.


Made in China 2025; New job requirements; Marine mechanical engineering; Teaching reform


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