A Study on the Design of the Innovative Entrepreneurship Education System for the English Majors under the TOPCARES Teaching Model

Xin JI


This paper explored the design of the Innovative Entrepreneurship Education for the English majors under the TOPCARES teaching model in DUNI (Dalian Neusoft University of Information). The development of the Entrepreneurship Education was introduced in the paper, which reflected the significance of promoting the Entrepreneurship Education. The paper also pointed out the imperfection of the existing patterns of the Entrepreneurship Education in China to show the necessity of create a more suitable pattern for the English majors. As the conclusion of the research, the paper puts more efforts on elaborating the basic idea of the design, introducing the system of the Innovative Entrepreneurship Education pattern in details, and explaining the evaluation method in DUNI, which is new and can be used for reference by other colleges and universities.


OPCARES teaching model; Innovative Entrepreneurship Education; practical skills; Capacity Development Indicator


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