Application of Pathogenic Biology Virtual Laboratory in Experimental Teaching of Medical Microbiology

Guang-yuan ZHANG, Zhi-bang YANG, Zeng TU, Xi-chuan DENG, Jia LIU


Medical microbiology experiment is an indispensable course for medical colleges and universities, and is also special course involving laboratory biosafety. In order to avoid the possible harm to the students and pollution to the environment caused by pathogenic microorganisms during the experiment, our school built a virtual simulation laboratory of pathogenic biology to assist the traditional experimental teaching. Through experimental exams and questionnaire survey of the students, it is shown that the virtual experiments could complement and assist traditional experiments, and it helps to the pre-study and after-school review of the students. For some experiments involving biosafety risks, students can obtain training through virtual experiments. Through the operation training of virtual experiments, students can be inspired to think and improve their ability of self-learning. Using virtual simulation lab to assist traditional experimental class can significantly improve the quality of experimental teaching, and has a good application value.


Microbiology experiment, Traditional experiment, Virtual simulation laboratory, Experimental exams, Questionnaire


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