A Bidding Evaluation Method for PPP Project Based on Triangular Fuzzy Multi-attribute Decision Making

Qiang Sun, Bin Zheng, Fumin Xiao, Shengtao Xie


How to purchase social capital effectively concerns the success or failure of PPP project. In the bidding process, due to the fuzziness of project information in PPP project, it is difficult for experts to quantify the scores of various indicators of social capital. However, traditional project information is relatively clear. If traditional project evaluation method is simply applied to the PPP project procurement, it is likely to be difficult to accept. Therefore, based on triangular fuzzy multi-attributes decision-making theory, this paper takes the situation that decision makers are unable to give accurate measurement due to the fuzziness of project information into account and selects suitable bidding evaluation indicators to establish corresponding evaluation model. By means of TOPSIS, this model could carry out a comprehensive evaluation of social capital and obtain the ranking quickly by which we could obtain a more reasonable bidding evaluation results of PPP project. The case analysis proves practicality and effectiveness of this model.


Triangular fuzzy number, Multi-attribute decision making (MADM), PPP project, Bidding evaluation methods, Fuzziness


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