2017 Real Estate Listed Company Performance Empirical Analysis

Qiaowen Yang, Yonghong Yao, Yun Liu


Based on the cross section data of accounting elements performance of listed companies as samples, using multiple regression hybrid model, 121 real estate listed real estate company in 2017, research and analyze performance and its determinants, the results show that the difference between real estate listed company's revenue and operating cost is larger, the subsequent debt interest accounting accounting capitalization processing, additional costs rise, debt has become the company net profit growth are related factors, asset-liability ratio increased significantly; High real estate inventory; Adopts full sample to make the performance of the model for the standard, for all the performance of listed companies decided to carry out specific analysis on accounting elements, as the industry and the company correctly, scientifically implementing supply side reform provides a quantitative basis.


Real estate; Performance model; Features of accounting elements


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