A Brief Discussion on the Application of Learning Community in College English Education

Maohua SUN


Foreign Language Teaching in Colleges and universities should not only teach students basic skills such as listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, but also teach them the ability of thinking and lifelong learning. With the popularity of information technology, the physical space and time of the classroom are no longer so important. Based on the situation in the process of practice, the implementation of activities through exchanges and promote the comprehensive development of individual students "the basic idea, the emergence of a unique way of teaching activities and teaching mode, the teaching activities showing" participation, cooperation, experience, research and development for the occasional characteristic features. The establishment of 1 and learning community, is to meet the students to participate in teaching activities, students of coordination and cooperation between teachers and students, to experience the collision of different cultures and ideas, and ultimately through the joint efforts of the goal of maximizing the benefits, so as to achieve a common goal.


community, College English, education


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