A Study on Rural Rejuvenation with Western Sichuan Regional Culture—Promoting Lin Pan of Western Sichuan “going out”

Tailin Zhou


Along with the integration of urban and rural construction, the urban area of many cities in China has been expanding rapidly, and farmland and rural areas around the city have gradually become the new urban areas. Agriculture and rural areas are being absorbed by the growing cities. Development has been made at the expense of the surrounding farmland and natural scenery as a heavy price. The development of blindness has led to the serious homogenization of the "one side" of the current planning and construction, the lack of vitality and greenness of the city as well as the collapse of farmland, energy shortage and environmental problems. Even having the congenital advantages of the Chengdu Plain and facing the problem of gradually compressed living space, how can Lin Pan of western Sichuan under this huge impact not only gets its own development but also retains the original landscape features has become a current major issue. Therefore, based on the study of Lin Pan of Western Sichuan, this paper studies the strategies of rural revitalization, researches how to build a rural model with the regional cultural characteristics of West Sichuan and seeks to build a model system suitable for the development and protection of Lin Pan of Western Sichuan. It is hoped that we can promote the "going out" of Lin Pan of Western Sichuan and usher in a new situation of integration between urban and rural areas.


Lin Pan of Western Sichuan, Revitalization of the Countryside, Model Building, Bashu Culture


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