A Study on the Mode of Community Education Networked Management in Local Vocational Colleges

Yanhong Ma


The integration and complementarity of local higher vocational education and community education is a good educational development trend in the new situation. However, due to the lack of programmatic guidelines, the development speed is slow and does not meet the development needs of vocational education in the new era. Fortunately, the national working conference on vocational education has pointed out the direction for the cooperation between institutions of higher education and community education. The opening up of higher education cooperation in running schools has also made service more obvious. This paper discusses the connotation and mechanism of network education of community education in local vocational colleges and analyzes the mode of network education in community education and provides suggestions for local actively promote the networked operation of community networks institutions of higher learning in order to establish an efficient network sharing mechanism.


local vocational colleges; community education; network-based school


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