A Study on the Cultivation of College Students’ Innovative and Entrepreneurial Capability in the New Situation—A Case Study of Financial Colleges in Jiangsu Province

Hao-yuan MA, Hua-liang LU, Liang-liang GU


With the advancement of popularization of higher education, the employment situation of college students becomes more and more serious. How to survive in the tense competitive environment particularly relies on the innovative and entrepreneurial capability of graduates. In this paper, by questionnaire survey and comparative analysis, taking economics and finance universities in Jiangsu Province as examples, it discusses in the new situation various factors influencing innovative and entrepreneurial capability of college students, including weak capability of college students themselves, lack of systematic management of college training and social environment for improvement. Meanwhile, on the basis of the relationship between influence factors and innovation ability, it explores the training path for innovative and entrepreneurial capability of college students to cultivate innovative and compound talents with both responsibility and capacity.


Innovative and Entrepreneurial Capability, Comparative Analysis, Training Path, Practical Teaching, Innovative Talents


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