A Study on the Strategies of Preschool Students' Ability to Improve the Application Ability of Modern Educational Technology

Li-Jun SHI


For the students of pre-school education, the application ability of modern educational technology is one of the essential qualities, and it is also one of the main qualities of professional development of future kindergarten teachers. We propose to strengthen the students' modern education technology awareness and emotion, strengthen the modern educational technology and teaching design, multimedia computer application and courseware production curriculum, define the modern educational technology learning objectives and task level to establish multiple evaluation and assessment system Measures to strengthen the students' modern education technology to master and apply. Modern education technology is mainly based on modern education theory, the use of information technology means, teaching and learning resources and process analysis and research, to take a systematic approach to teaching, to achieve the desired effect of education. With the continuous development of the era of knowledge economy, computer network technology has been rapid development, in the cause of education has been widely used. In the actual teaching process, the teacher of modern education technology to master the degree and ability to use, will have a direct impact on the teaching effect. And teachers want to master and use the appropriate modern education technology, we must strengthen the study of modern educational technology. This article mainly analyzes the necessity of the students to master the modern educational technology, expounds the present situation of the students' modern educational technology, and puts forward the effective enhancement measures according to the actual situation.


Pre-School Education, Modern Educational Technology, Application Ability, Strategy


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