A Study on the Influential Factors of College Students’ Satisfaction with Movie-viewing

Guo-ping CHEN, Xiao-xuan WANG


This paper takes the movies “Mermaid” and “The Man from Macau III” as comparative references and adopts the method of questionnaire survey of college students’ experiences and their satisfaction impact factors of these two films. Through SPSS analysis, it has been discovered that film product’s quality, reference factors and viewing environment have significant impacts on college students’ viewing satisfaction. Among them, the influence of film product’s quality on satisfaction is the most significant one; Satisfaction has a direct positive impact on the intention to recommend. It also has been discovered that the role between college students’ gender factors and the degree of viewing satisfaction is not significant. According to the research results, the marketing strategy implication of the film industry development and the corresponding cultural industry development has been pointed out in the end.


College Students, Film Product, Satisfaction, Influential Factors


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