A Study on the Current Situation and Problems of Family Finance

Lian-xin WANG, Yu-jie ZHANG


With the rapid development of Internet finance and disambiguous finance, the financial industry development and innovation are changing with each passing day. The financial industry has entered into a mixed operation and a new era of comprehensive management. Family financial management has become a necessary tool for wealth management. The public has constantly set up investment and financial management has become a new boom in current financing market. But there are still some errors about the public’s understanding of financial management:, a scientific and rational financial concept has not been established; in the absence of professional knowledge of financial management, investment banking blindly follow the trend; the lack of long-term planning of family wealth management, pension, medical education; children’s rigid planning is not enough. Based on the theory of life cycle, through the empirical investigation and analysis, the paper puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions for the current situation and existing problems of family financial management.


Family Financial Management, Current Situation Survey, Financial Advice


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