Research on Polyurethane Elastomer Abrasion Protection for Impeller of Water Pump

Lei ZHANG, Yong YANG, Yin ZHANG, Gui-xun LI, Jun ZHENG


The pumps used in the Guhai Pumping Irrigation Project were suffered from sediment abrasion in the long term and their flow passage components, including impellers and pump shells, were also seriously abraded, which led to common problems of poor reliability, low operation efficiency and high energy consumption in almost all the pump stations. Therefore, these problems had made these pumps unable to satisfy the requirements for construction of resource-saving society and development of hydraulic engineering modernization. The steel plate welded impeller technology was a new technique specially developed to solve the serious abrasion of pump impellers. However, the results of long-term application of this technology had demonstrated that the composite resin mortar coating had a limited capability to resist cavitation and thus the parts which are fragile to cavitation on the impellers will fall off easily, which further aggravated the impeller abrasion. After one irrigation season, there were multiple penetrated holes occurring on the impellers, which significantly affects the operation efficiency of the pumps. In order to solve the cavitation resistance issue of composite resin mortar. The polyurethane elastomer technology was developed for the first time, which the polyurethane material with the currently best performance in cavitation resistance was adopted, and the appropriate promoters were added into the polyurethane to improve its properties. In addition, high-strength binder and mechanical connection mode were developed in this technology, which greatly enhanced the binding strength between the polyurethane coating and the pump impellers. Besides, vacuum casting technique was adopted to obtain the pump impeller coating which had excellent performance in abrasion and cavitation resistance. This technology was firstly tested in the Guhai Dazhanchang Pump Station in March 2015. After one and half years operation, it is found that the coating had been improved obviously, and the pumps had long-term stable operation efficiency, which had reached the anticipated testing goal. It is provided reference for the pump stations in Yellow River Diversion Project and pump manufacturers to solve the pump impeller cavitation problem.


Polyurethane elastomer, Pump, Impeller, abrasion, Vacuum pouring


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