The Numerical Simulation of Underground Water and the Immersion Area Prediction of Downstream Area in Right

Bin YAN, Shuai-shuai WANG, Cheng-jiu GUO, Wu-cheng YANG


After the impoundment of Shifosi Reservoir in Liaohe river, the groundwater level raised in downstream area of auxiliary dam on the right bank, resulting in zone immersion problem and serious effect on agricultural production. In order to determine actual downstream immersion area due to impoundment, the Visual Modflow software was used to establish the model of groundwater movement, to calculate the groundwater raising, to simulate the groundwater status in downstream area of the right auxiliary dam of Shifosi Reservoir, and to predict downstream groundwater contour and immersion area of the right auxiliary dam under different water storage elevation. The results show that the groundwater level is relatively high, the immersion is fairly serious and the immersion area above the elevation of 45.5 m is 1.28 km2 under the normal water level of 46.2 m; while the water storage level is lower, the downstream groundwater level is decreased consequently, immersion phenomenon is slowed down, and the immersion area is reduced as well.


Immersion, Underground water, Numerical simulation, Prediction


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