Creating 3DCG Animation with a Network of 3D Depth Sensors

Ning-ping SUN, Yohei YAMASHITA, Ryosuke OKUMURA


The motion capture is a useful technique for creating animations instead of manual labor, but the expensive camera based devices restrict its practical application. The emerging of inexpensive small size of depth-sensing devices provides us opportunities to reconstitute motion capture system. We introduced a network of 3D depth sensors into the production of real time 3DCG animation. Different to the existing system, the new system works well for data communication and anime rendering. We discuss below server how communicate with a group of sensors, and how we operate a group of sensors in the rendering of animation. Some results of verification experiments are provided as well.


Depth sensor, Network, 3D computer graphics, Animation production

Publication Date

2016-12-21 00:00:00


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