Economic Analysis of Photovoltaic Generation Considering Electric Energy Replacement Benefit

Qiang Jin, Kai Cui, Hongbin Zhang, Bingke Yan, Xin Shu


At present, photovoltaic poverty alleviation is an important measure for the implementation of precise poverty alleviation in the country. It also promotes the development and utilization of renewable energy. The economics of photovoltaic power generation project is the main factor in making investment decisions, and it is also the basis for the state to formulate relevant policies. The economics of the photovoltaic power generation project is affected by many factors such as resource conditions, equipment costs, and on-grid electricity prices. The economic indicators have large differences between different periods and regions. Summarizing the form of rural electric energy replacement, considering the indirect benefits brought by the implementation of electric energy replacement in poverty alleviation areas, this paper establishes the investment income model of photovoltaic power generation project, and uses the national economic evaluation method to measure and analyze the economic indicators of photovoltaic power generation project. And this paper carries out the sensitivity analysis of equipment price and electricity price, proposes the economic development trend of photovoltaic power generation and evaluates the potential of electric energy replacement.


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