Fuzzy Control for Hybrid Energy Storage System of Microgrid with Pulse Load

Meng Shi, Jinquan Wang, Yibin Yang, Kefeng Huang


The working pattern of pulsed load takes on the feature of impact, periodicity and continuity, and it brings great challenges to microgrid. To improve the dynamic performance for independent microgrid and ensure the reliability and stability of the system, this paper proposes a fuzzy control charging and discharging power correction method based on the hybrid energy storage system (HESS) with pulse load independent microgrid, and based on the state of charge (SOC) of supercapacitor. The charging and discharging power allocation strategy is verified by simulation to optimize the energy supply of HESS under the control strategy. The simulation shows that the control strategy can effectively suppress the power fluctuation caused by the pulse load, avoid overcharge and discharge of the energy storage medium, and improve the power quality of the power supply system.


Hess; Fuzzy Control Method, Virtual Impedance; Power Correcting; Power Distribution


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