Research on Hand Function Rehabilitation Training Device Based on Human Multimodal Sensation

Kai GUO, Sha-sha ZHAO, Yong-feng LIU, Bin LIU, Hong-bo YANG, Zhen-lan LI


Hand rehabilitation training plays a vital role in the rehabilitation of other diseases such as hand diseases and strokes. Among them, the rehabilitation and training of the fingers is an important means of hand function loss or hand disability treatment. In many sequelae of stroke, hand dysfunction is one of the most common obstacles in patients with hemiplegia after stroke, seriously affecting patients. The activities of daily life bring a heavy burden to the patients' families and society. Developed a multi-modal sensory functional rehabilitation device based on the sense of vibration, vision, and auditory multi-channel fusion mode. The physical sensory signal mobilizes the active participation of the brain in rehabilitation training, thereby effectively improving the function of finger movement after stroke. Rehabilitation effect.


Hand function, Rehabilitation, Training device


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