Research on Characteristics of Vessel CO2 Emissions from Seas Surrounding China

Zheng WANG, Ying LIU, Ying LIU, Wei ZHANG, Chuan-sheng PENG


In order to analyze the characteristics of CO2 emission of coastal vessels in China, this study collects and analyzes the static data and emission parameters of ships at home and abroad based on the data of automatic identification system of ships. Based on the actual navigation data of ships, The carbon emission inventory was also analyzed. The emission characteristics of the five vessels under port, moorings, harbor maneuver, low speed and cruise were analyzed, and the spatial emission characteristics of 2km × 2km were plotted. The result shows that the carbon dioxide emissions generated by ship activities in the near perimeter of China are estimated at 53.8482 million tons a year. Source of discharge analysis shows that the host is the main source of emissions from the three main sources of emissions on the ship's main engine, auxiliary engines and boilers. Sailing at low speed cruise state emissions.


Ship, CO2 emission inventory, Automatic Identification System, Activity-based approach, Emission characteristics


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