Research on Ship Trajectory Compression Algorithm Based on Cumulative Heading Variation

Ran LI, Shao-xi LI, Xin-ran LIU, Jun-feng ZHANG


In this paper, we proposed an improved Douglas-Peucker algorithm based on cumulative heading variation to improve the ship trajectory data compression algorithm. This method calculates the cumulative heading change of the post-point and the base point in turn based on the starting point of the route. If the cumulative heading change of the post-point is greater than the set threshold value, the point is stored in the feature point library. With this point as the new base point, the above calculation is repeated until the last point of the route. According to the obtained feature points, the route is divided into several sections, each section is separated by Douglas-Peucker algorithm. Compression is performed to obtain the final trajectory. This method can avoid the problems of trajectory compression caused by traditional Douglas-Peucker algorithm, such as crossing shoreline and dangerous area in inland river bend, and can better meet the needs of inland ship trajectory compression.


Douglas-Peucker algorithm, Cumulative heading change, Ship trajectory, data compression


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