Research on Comprehensive Evaluation Method of Ride Comfort of Armored Vehicles

Jun-fang HOU, Jing ZHANG, Wei-hua ZHANG, Hai-wen HE, Dian-zhe MA


Aiming at the poor ride comfort of an armored vehicle when driving on off-road, which affects badly the working efficiency of the crew members, the current standards of the ride comfort evaluation method were analyzed, and a comprehensive ride comfort evaluation method for multiple states was proposed considering different speed and road surface conditions. The experimental study on ride comfort of two vehicles was conducted. The test results show that vehicle #1 has better ride comfort performance compared with vehicle #2, and the proposed method can effectively guide the comprehensive evaluation of the ride comfort of armored vehicles, which is suitable for the comparative test of the ride comfort performance of armored vehicles.


Armored vehicles, Off-road pavement, Ride comfort, Comprehensive evaluation


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