Research on Dynamic Characteristics of Split TBM Cutterhead Based on Similarity Theory

Peng GAO, Tian-yu DU, Jian-fu ZHANG, Yun-jian ZHA, Ping-fa FENG


Cutterhead with disc cutters is a key component of tunnel boring machine (TBM), and its dynamic characteristics greatly influences the cutting performance of the equipment rock disc cutters. This study investigated the dynamic characteristics of split TBM cutterhead under bolted connection based on the similarity theory. A simplified and scale similarity of split cutterhead was proposed. Based on a virtual material method, a simulation model was established and its dynamic characteristic was analyzed for each block of scaled cutterhead. Dynamic testing experiments of the center block, side block and scaled cutterhead were carried out to achieve the vibration mode and frequency. The results show that the errors of the center block and side block between theoretical natural frequencies and experimental ones are less than 7%, and the theoretical mode shapes are in agreement with the experiments. Besides, the errors between experiment and simulation of the scaled cutterhead are less than 15%, and the virtual material method is verified. The similarity theory and the virtual material method would be used to investigate the dynamic characteristics of split TBM cutterhead.


Split TBM cutterhead, Dynamic characteristics, Similarity theory, Finite element analysis


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