Hydration-assisted Ultrasonic Abrasive Flow Polishing Technology on Sapphire Microcavity

Xiao-bing LIU, Lin MA


In the chemical, biological, medical, and optical fields, there are many use of microcomponents three-dimensionally integrated in the microchips of sapphire. The inner surface quality often determines the overall performance, which has now become an urgent problem to be solved in the field of ultra-precision machining. However, the current common machining method can't improve the surface quality effectively. The abrasive flow machining technology offers the effective solution to it. In this paper, we propose a new green method that the modified layer of sapphire made by reacting with high temperature water vapor is removed by using abrasives in a liquid excited by ultrasonic energy.


Sapphire, Hydration modification, Ultrasonic vibration polishing, Optical micro-channel


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