Design of Integrated Cutter System for Machine Cutter Change of Tunnel Boring Machine

You-neng BAO, Zhi-chao MENG, Jun-zhou HOU


Tunnel boring machine is widely used in underground engineering construction. During the construction process, the cutter frequently detects and replaces the construction efficiency and harms the safety of the cutter changer. It is imperative to realize the cutter change "Machine replacement manual". Traditional cutter fasteners are numerous and discrete, and their shapes and sizes are different. To design an automatic cutter changer for this structure, the actuator design will be very difficult. Designing an integrated cuttering system that is easy for machine operation is essential for “machine replacement manual”. In view of the above problems, this paper proposes an integrated cutter system scheme with three different structures according to the idea of integrating cutter, locking block and bolt. 7 performance indicators for integrated cutter evaluation for machine cutter change operation: static stiffness, static strength, weight, three-dimensional size, extraction size, disassembly action and pre-tightening force. Contrasting and analyzing the three integrated structural schemes and the various indicators of the traditional cuttering scheme, and obtaining an optimal cuttering scheme for machine cutter change.


Tunnel boring machine, Cutter change, Integrated cutter system


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