Study on Optimization of Drag Characteristics of Large Civil Airliners

Lu YE, Gan-chao ZHAO, Yu WANG


In order to reduce the drag of large civil airliners and improve the economy of their operation, this paper chooses the shape of a typical large civil airliner as the research object, analyses the causes and classifications of the drag of large civil airliners, and puts forward the drag reduction measures for different sources of drag by means of numerical simulation. The results show that the frictional drag can be reduced by installing vortex generator on the rear body of the fuselage, the form drag can be significantly reduced by installing the after body end plate, improving high angle of Attack Performance and the induced drag can be further reduced by using the vertical section add to the lateral section of the winglets. The results can lay a theoretical foundation for aerodynamic shape design and optimization of large civil airliners.


Large Civil Airliners, Optimization of Drag Characteristics, Vortex Generator, After Body End Plate, Vertical Section add to the Lateral Section of Winglets Style


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