Design and Implementation of Portable Handing Tracked Vehicle

Shan CHEN, Jun-chun MA, Wen-fei SONG


In order to solve the problem of lifting large hydraulic components up and down stairs, a portable tracked vehicle driven by motor is designed in this paper. Firstly, referring to the driving mode of the large tracked vehicle, the structure and installation mode of the tracked vehicle are determined to ensure the smooth climbing of stairs and the passage of general obstacles. Secondly, according to the basic principle of mechanical design, the structure and size of body structure, driving wheel, guide wheel and load-bearing wheel are determined, and the driving mode of the trolley is determined. Finally, in order to improve the efficiency and practicability of the trolley, the model of each component is drawn by SolidWorks software. It has been proved that the vehicle can not only meet the needs of lifting heavy objects up and down stairs, but also be suitable for driving under complex road conditions.


Mechanical design, Solid Works, Handling trolley


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