Experimental Study of Wind Pressure Correlation and Spectrum Characteristics on the Surface of Rectangular Roof Structure

Yang-jin YUAN, Yi-min DAI, Shu JIANG


In order to study the wind pressure distribution characteristics of rectangular roof structure, the canopy gas station as the prototype manufacture of 1:20 scaled model, pressure test was carried out under the typical suburb wind field in wind tunnel.Rectangular roof was divided into different bands according to the flow characteristics. Firstly, qualitative analyse the distribution of the mean wind pressure on structure's surface.Secondly,choose different measuring points in bands,analyse power spectral density function in frequency domain and correlation coefficient in time domain of the wind pressure.The results show that the upper surface pressure distribution is mainly affected by the columnar vortex separation and lower surface wind pressure distribution is related to the interference of column,the surface net pressure distribution was affected by both columnar vortex separation and support column.Correlation of wind pressure is weakened in the windward front local region of the structure and the wake region of the support column. The wind pressure power spectrum of the structure surface is mainly related to the relative position of the flow,the support column increases the wind energy in the front and rear regions,which is harmful to the structure.


Canopy structure, Wind tunnel test, Mean pressure, Correlation coefficient, Spectrum of fluctuating wind pressure


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