Route Optimization Model for Hazardous Materials Transportation Considering Traffic Restrictions and Delivery Time Windows

Li-ping LIU, Mei-zhou WANG, Shu-xia LI


The government's strict traffic control and the requirement of enterprise logistics efficiency make the hazardous materials transportation process more complex. The challenge of existing hazardous materials transportation is to determine vehicle routes that minimize risks based on cost considerations of customer needs and road closures. According to the objective of minimizing risk and cost, a bi-objective integer programming model with joint constraints of road closure time window and delivery time window is constructed and solved by adaptive weight genetic algorithm. The case study of practical transportation network shows that the model can reasonably plan the node closure time of each route and the departure time of vehicles, and obtain a variety of optimal combinations of transportation schemes, so as to obtain the optimal strategies with different preferences for decision-making and provide decision support for the optimization of hazardous materials transportation route.


Time window, Traffic restriction, Hazardous materials, Route optimization


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