Power Frequency Breakdown Characteristics of SF6/CO2/N2 and CF3I/NO2/N2 at Different Mixing Ratios

Xiao-ning YE, Xue-jiao LEI


Although SF6 gas has good insulation performance, due to its intense greenhouse effect, the search for alternative gases of SF6 has become a research hotspot of scholars at home and abroad in recent years. In this paper, the discharge parameters of SF6/CO2/N2 and CF3I/CO2/N2 gas mixtures with different ratios are calculated by Boltzmann equation analysis method. Preliminary prediction of insulation strength of mixed gases at different mixing ratios is carried out so as to select the mixed gases with better insulation performance and larger substitutability for in-depth research.


SF6/CO2/N2, CF3I/NO2/N2, Gas mixture, Boltzmann


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