Calculation of Lightning Level of Transmission Line Tower Using Graphite Grounding Device

Hong-peng LI, Wen-qing XU, Bin YE, Jin-ma SHENG


In recent years, graphite grounding devices have developed rapidly and have been widely used in transmission networks. However, the main application is that they are highly corrosive to alkaline soils, and their research on conductivity and lightning resistance is insufficient. Therefore, this paper establishes the ground net model through the simulation software CDEGS, and calculates the power frequency grounding resistance of three different materials of graphite, steel and copper under different conditions and compares them. Using ATP/EMTP software, the calculation model of the lightning strike level including the tower tower, the line, the insulator flashover and the grounding resistance was established. The lightning resistance level of the transmission line tower using the graphite grounding device and the steel grounding device was calculated. Then verify the feasibility of the graphite grounding device.


Lightning protection, Graphite grounding device, ATP-EMTP, Grounding resistance, Lightning withstand level


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