Design of Power Quality Monitoring System Based on Industrial Ethernet

Hui YANG, Kai ZHANG, Shan-shan LU, Hai-long HE, Wei-peng HU


An embedded Ethernet based on microcontroller ADUC812 and industrial Ethernet controller 8019AS are designed to deal with the problems of power quality monitoring system. This paper proposed a two-level power quality monitoring system which consisting of a general control layer and a field monitoring layer, the monitoring system is used to monitor the three-phase voltage, current and neutral current RMS of power network as well as other parameters in real-time, including three-phase unbalance, power factor, and power frequency. The main computer uses Lab VIEW as programming software to perform all the functions required for monitoring in the form of animations, charts, curves and virtual panels. This system not only has the feature of being easy to expand the functions and flexible configuration, but also has a high cost performance. So, it can meet the power quality monitoring requirements of modern industrial and civil constructions.


Power Quality, 8019AS, Monitoring System, Industrial Ethernet, Lab VIEW


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