Study on Electromagnetic Radiation of Human Brain by PIFA Antenna

Ying WANG, Li CAO, Ying LU, Chun-men LI, Xiao-qiang CHEN


This paper mainly studies the single frequency GSM900MHz PIFA antenna effect of the human brain. Firstly, using high frequency simulator structure (HFSS) software established antenna and the model of the human brain. Secondly, performing PIFA antenna simulation, and analyzing the effect of the structure of the antenna parameters on its performance and PIFA antenna effect of the human brain. Finally, focusing on the analysis of the specific absorption rate (SAR) in the human brain, and the size of SAR shows that the electromagnetic radiation is consumed or absorbed the degree by human brain. It can be proved that the simulation results show that the built-in antenna in mobile phones has little impact on the human brain, but with the increase of antenna power, the absorption of electromagnetic radiation is increasing.


Electromagnetic radiation, PIFA antenna, Human brain influence, Specific absorption rate (SAR)


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