Arc Image Processing Based on LabVIEW

Wei CHENG, Li-ting MA, Zheng-qi WANG, Yi GUO, Xin-cheng LI


The breaking capacity of the vacuum switch is closely related to the morphological changes of the vacuum arc. The arc arcing image is the direct basis for the change of the arc shape. How to accurately process the arc drawing image is of great significance for analyzing the arc shape change. In this paper, an arc image processing method based on virtual instrument development platform LabVIEW is designed. The NI Vision Builder AI image processing module of LabVIEW is used to accurately extract the arc shape. The key information of arc shape can be accurately extracted by the processing of arc image such as grayscale, filtering and edge extraction, and so on. The experimental results show that this method can effectively process the arc image. The experimental results can provide theoretical basis for the analysis of arc morphological changes.


Image processing, LabVIEW, Arc image


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