Research on Accurate Positioning-point and Setting-out of Hoisting Operation for Construction Tower Cranes Based on GNSS Techniques

Ming-duan ZHOU, Hong-jie TAN, Qian-lin WANG


GNSS receiver is one of sensors for accurate-control of tower crane. The low-accuracy of m-level navigation application based on pseudo-range is insatiable the development requirements of intelligent tower crane. In order to improve the positioning accuracy for tower crane based on GNSS techniques, a precise positioning method applied to positioning-point and setting-out via GNSS carrier phase observation is proposed. It is applied to intelligent command for construction tower crane, and a set of GNSS-based positioning-point and setting-out system of hoisting operation system, named as GNSS_PLS, is designed and developed. Finally, the experimental results show that the monitoring accuracy of intelligent command of GNSS_PLS system is cm-level, which verifies the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm in this paper.


GNSS techniques, Positioning-point, Setting-out, Hoisting operation, Tower crane


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