Research and Implementation of Forward Isolation Device Based on Security Consideration

Chuang PENG, Shao-qian HU, Li LI, Zhen-yu TANG, Xiao-fei ZHOU


This paper presents a forward isolation device based on deep packet inspection and security enhancement to improve the security of power network in the new network security environment and distribution network environment. Based on the principle and vulnerability analysis of the traditional forward isolation device, by using FPGA as the isolated island component, the transmission speed is enhanced and the error bit rate is reduced. Deep packet inspection technology is designed to solve the reverse penetration threat, two-factor authentication technology is adopted to improve the security of HMI management. Moreover, the security of local management is further improved by the encryption and authentication method based on the SM serial algorithm. Therefore, isolation and security are greatly improved compared to traditional forward isolation devices. This scheme has been implemented in several projects and proven effective to improve security of the substation network.


Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Two-factor, Encryption, Authentication


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