Application of Inorganic High-strength Sound Absorbing Board in the Assembly Module of Residential Integrated Ceiling

Yue ZHONG, Xiu-yun LI, Xun’e ZHOU


Inorganic high-strength sound absorption board is a kind of inorganic composite material based on natural gypsum, and it is often used in interior decoration of residential buildings with good sound absorption properties. Based on the development trend of prefabricated buildings and full decoration of residential buildings, the green and environmental friendly inorganic high-strength sound absorption board is selected as the decoration materials for the practice of residential integrated ceiling module engineering project, and the design examples and process technologies of the residential integrated ceiling assembly modules are introduced in combination with the architectural acoustic principle, which provides reference value for the development of assembled interior installation technology of buildings.


Inorganic high-strength sound absorbing board, Integrated ceiling, Module


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