Design of IEEE1588 Power Precise Time Synchronization System

Qiang ZHANG, Jian DING


An IEEE1588 high precision network time synchronization system suitable for power system was designed based on the IEEE1588 protocol content and requirements for the PTP time synchronization of state grid. The time synchronization system supports IEEE1588 v2 protocol. The system can process event message and general message. The system supports multicast mode based on MAC and best master clock algorithm. The system also has E2E and P2P two timing patterns at the same time. At last, the author analysis the testing data. After all the work has done, we build up an experimental platform and conduct the system testing from two aspects of the time synchronization accuracy and system reliability. The experimental results show that the system time synchronization accuracy and reliability is high. The system can meet the requirements of PTP synchronization clock in power systems.


IEEE1588, Time synchronization, Power system, Software and hardware design


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