Research on Two-speed AMT Shift Control Strategy for Pure Electric Commercial Vehicles

Ning MA, Kai REN, Ye-xuan WANG, Ben-jiang HOU, Shao-xin CHEN, Yi ZHOU, Jian-yi JI, Yi-chun JI


At present, in the rapid development of the automobile industry, the field of pure electric vehicles is full of vitality. Among them, motorization of commercial vehicles is undoubtedly one of the important means to solve environmental degradation and energy shortage. Based on a pure electric commercial vehicle, this paper matches and calculates the motor parameters and AMT transmission ratio according to the basic parameters and performance indexes of the vehicle. The research design and simulation of the shift control strategy are also completed. The simulation results show that the automatic shift control strategy is designed to meet the dynamic and economic requirements of the vehicle and it has certain practical reference value.


Pure electric commercial vehicle, AMT, Shift schedule, Dynamic performance, Economic performance


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