Decomposition Techniques of the Decision-Making

Wen-xing WU, Bo YUAN, Yun-yong ZHANG, Shuo YAN


The work in this paper takes decision systems as the research environment to support the decision analysis. Based on the information of a decision system, samples and condition samples are introduced. They are integrated with the decision-making which means a process to identify whether a condition sample is matched with a sample. To make the process clearer, the decomposition techniques developed in this paper are used to decompose the decision system into subsystems, each of which contains only one decision attribute. The techniques associated with the decision analysis contribute to the formation of the decomposition method that can lead the decision analysis to be transferred from the decision system to subsystems. Because each of the subsystems has the simpler form, the decision-making in subsystems is more effective and clear. In this sense, the decomposition method and the decision analysis in subsystems represent the contributions of this paper.


Decision system, Sample, Decision-making, Decomposition, Subsystem


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