Study on the Deep Learning with Image Recognition to Plant Classification

Joy Iong-Zong Chen, Lin Zhen Yu


Because of long cultivation period, the three main issues of the medicinal mushroom Cordyceps militaris need to be solved urgently including high manpower, unstable quantity and quality, high electric power consumption. This article proposes the intelligent technologies of (Artificial intelligence), and Big data analytics in the application to the cultivation of Cordyceps militaris, AI which cost-effectively solve the problems of labor storage, issues of quantity and quality, and energy consumption in the agriculture filed. In this study, the intelligent system for environmental monitoring and management is developed by optimizing light, temperature and humidity of the culture environment of C. militaris regarding of the bio-active ingredients. The new strains with the high bioactive ingredients will be developed with the enhancement of the elicitors and environmental stress in the augmented intelligent supervision system. Furthermore, the combined bio-active ingredients will be developed for new medicines.


Intelligent supervision system, Internet of thing (IoT), Artificial intelligence (AI)


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