Research on Application of New Type Marine Intelligent Diesel Engine Control System

Fu JIA, Jin-yin DU


Nowadays, with the increasing cost of shipping and fuel oil, more and more countries pay attention to the energy saving and emission reduction of marine main diesel engine. The application of marine intelligent diesel engine is more and more extensive. This paper studies the common rail fuel system of intelligent diesel engine represented by RT-flex, and analyses the comparison between marine traditional diesel engine and marine intelligent diesel engine, Simultaneous analysis the advantages of intelligent diesel engine. Based on the characteristics of electronic control common rail of RT-flex diesel engine, the structure and principle of fuel common rail and servo common rail are analyzed. On this basis, the intelligent diesel engine control system is mainly studied. At the same time, the application of flex View software of control system is also studied.


Intelligent Diesel Engine, Common rail technology, Electronically Control System, Reduce emissions


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