Motion Space Analysis and Motion Trajectory Planning of Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot

Zhi-ming WANG, Wang-wei YE, Zheng-long CAI


The upper limb rehabilitation robot is mainly used for rehabilitation training of patients with upper limb hemiplegia. Aiming at the structural model features of 5-DOF upper limb rehabilitation robot, the improved D-H coordinate transformation method is used to establish the kinematics equations of each link and coordinate system of the robot. According to Monte Carlo method, the motion space of the robot is analysed and the trajectory range is initially limited. The trajectory of the joint space is planned for the robot, and the angular displacement, angular velocity and angular acceleration curve of each joint of the robot are obtained, and the curve is fitted by a fifth-order polynomial. The validity of the designed 5-DOF upper limb rehabilitation robot is verified.


Rehabilitation Robot, Motion Space, Trajectory Planning


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