Information Mining of Fishing Vessel Based on the Data of Beidou VMS

Shengmao Zhang


Marine fishery has become one of the largest industries in the application of China's own Beidou navigation system. It has more than 5 thousand offshore fishing boats installed Beidou terminal. Fishing location, speed, heading and other information can be recorded by the terminal. These data can be used in data mining such as fishing type identification, state estimation and voyage extraction, fishing boats back and fishing effort calculation. The data mining results can be used in illegal fishing behavior recognition in prohibited fishing areas, fishery agreement area, or fishing off season. They are also can be used in fishing intensity monitoring, estimation of fishing catch and fishing vessel tracing. The mining results can provide abundant data reference for the refinement of the fishing vessels management.


Beidou Satellite Navigation System; Data Mining; Fishing Vessel Management; Vessel Monitoring System


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