Research on Edge Computing Model in Health Care

Wei Wang, Liping Yang, Xin Lv, Dexin Zhu


From grid computing to cloud computing, a centralized big data storage and processing center has been formed. Problems such as high energy consumption, high traffic and high delay are brought, and there is also the risk of privacy data leakage. With the advent of a large number of wearable intelligent health care terminal devices, a big data on health care needs to be processed in real time will be generated. The processing with cloud computing model alone can't meet the needs of users, while the edge computing model will solve related problems. Edge computing is on the edge of the network close to the object or data source, distributed open platform that integrates network, computing, storage and application core competencies. In order to promote the construction of new health care model, cloud computing and edge computing technology are used to provide nearby edge health care services. It not only solves the need of Internet of Things for both patients and doctors, but also achieves a win-win situation for governments, medical institutions, doctors, patients and enterprises.


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