Study on Application of Intelligent Separated Layer Water Injection Technology in Daqing Oilfield

Dekui Xu, Chongjiang Liu, Xingliang Song, Zhenkun Zhu, Hangpeng Cao, Xiaoyu Xu, Lili Wang, Junli Liu, Chao Wang


Separated layer water injection technology is an effective method for controlling the rising rate of water cut, and improving oil recovery in heterogeneous sandstone reservoir. Having been researching more than forty years, Daqing Oilfield entered into the fourth generation which is called intelligent separated layered water injection, a qualitative leap has been achieved from the third generation name daccurate subdivision water injection. This technology mainly consists of two parts: the pre-installed cable intelligent injection string and wireless remote control system, and it can be used to monitor each layer's parameters and control the down hole tools remotely. The system has the functions of automatic measurement and adjustment, data automatic storage, over-tolerance alarm, packer's sealing verify, report forms output, and etc. Having been applied over 100 wells in three different testing areas of Daqing Oilfield, this technology is basically finalized, making the layered water injection technology develop towards digitalization and intellectualization.


Intelligent Water Injection, Separated Layer Water Injection, Pre-Installed Cable Intelligent Distributor, Interlayer Contradiction


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