IC Engine High Altitude Overall Performance Evaluation Model Based on Combination Weight

Jiahui Li, Yue Kong, Bo Yang, Hanjie Xiao


In order to enhance the operation and maintenance of internal combustion engine (IC engine), and protect the economic returns and environmental benefits, this paper builds an overall performance indicator evaluation system of IC engine, and determines five evaluation dimensions and corresponding sub-dimensional indicators of the power, cost, reliability, emission and intensification. On this basis, a fuzzy evaluation model for the overall performance of IC engine based on combination weighting approach is constructed to make a comparison with different altitudes and obtain the characteristics of altitudes. Results show that, although most single-item indicators are closely linked to the factor of altitude, mainly on emission and power, there is no significant difference in the overall performance of IC engine. Therefore, future improvement should be focused on emission and power


IC Engine; Combination Weighting Approach; Fuzzy Evaluation; Overall Performance


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