Research on Fault Diagnosis of Broken Rotor Bar in Coal Mining Drive Motors

Zhanshe Yang, Chenzai Kong


Safety production in coal mines is a sign of sustainable development of coal resources economy, owing to the fact that the shearer is often in an environment with large load fluctuations and frequent start-stop, the faults are numerous and difficult to distinguish. In order to be able to quickly and correctly diagnose faults in the drive motor of the shearer, in this paper, based on the study of the principle of the characteristic frequency generation of rotor broken-bar fault, the fault signal of rotor broken bar is extracted and analyzed by wavelet packet analysis combined with Fourier transform. The wavelet packet analysis method for extracting fault characteristic frequency and identifying load fluctuation is obtained by matlab simulation. This method has good engineering application value and provides a theoretical basis for on-line detection of rotor broken-bar fault in coal mining drive motors.


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