Research and Application of Transparent File Encryption Technology on Android Platform

Yongzhong Li, Yi Li, Xuan Luo, Cheng Shen


Aiming at the data security problem of Android platform, a transparent encryption system based on file filter driver is designed and implemented, according to the technology of file transparent encryption and decryption system based on hook transparent encryption technology and file filtering driven transparent encryption technology used on windows platform. This system is different from the traditional APP development method of Android system. By intercepting the system call function and using the secret-key converted from the host MAC address, the encryption and decryption algorithm is written into the kernel, which fundamentally guarantees the security of user information. At the same time, the user's security experience is improved by putting authentication on the screen unlocking. The system design and implementation are described in this paper from system requirement analysis to overall design and detailed design of each module. Android application development technology and cross-compiling principle are used in the coding process. The system test results show that the system can effectively transparently encrypt files and protect the privacy of mobile files.


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